Oz in the News 1.7.11

Eric Shanower – Cartoonist Survey # 201 “I don’t understand why many other people can’t even begin to try to draw on paper an object in front of them. This disconnect baffles me, though there obviously seems to be one. I get frustrated if I’m involved in this situation, and that’s not helpful to anyone.”

Boardwalk Empire’s Aged Media Conundrum Baum’s The Road to Oz appears late in season 1, when Margaret Schroeder, widowed consort of Enoch Thompson, ensconced in a luxury suite at Thompson’s expense, is shown reading the book aloud to her two children. At this point in the series, Thompson has become a target of Arnold Rothstein’s thugs, and Richard Harrow, a grossly disfigured veteran, is installed in the suite to protect the family. The children are repulsed by Harrow’s appearance – half his face is missing and is ordinarily covered by a painted tin mask a la Phantom of the Opera – but when he makes a joke about being the tin man, they warm up to him. The camera soon finds the quartet happily settled on the couch, united through Baum’s fantastic narrative. But it’s the book itself that stands out here. Again, among the refurbished/reproduced, new-looking furnishings, a strangely aged, out-of-place first edition emerges briefly and we are shown John R. Neill’s starkly graceful, understated rendering of the Tin Man. “I was very happy among the Munchkins and Winkies and Quadlings and Gillikens…” Schroeder reads to her two children and the family’s bodyguard, as sense of homey peace settles around the threatened domestic scene.

Magic Of The Big Screen Fills Museum Of The Moving Image The Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, Queens lets visitors be part of movie magic. One exhibit lets users add their voice to classics scenes from movies like “The Wizard Of Oz,” and now there is even more to see and do as the museum gets ready to reopen after a $67 million renovation and expansion.  “A new three-story building, a brand new 267 seat theater, a screening room with 68 seats, new galleries for changing exhibitions and we’ve completely refurbished our existing core exhibition ‘Behind The Screen,'” says museum director Rochelle Slovin, who founded the museum back in 1981.


One response to “Oz in the News 1.7.11

  1. happy new year ozzy fans. and too mister john fricke so I got your book about the oz making of the movie. and I love it well take care from loriseligmana oz freak

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