Oz in the News 1.4.11

Elaut’s Wizard of Oz is a big Hit at IAAPA The tremendous response to Elaut’s new and unique Wizard of Oz prize-moving pusher was amazing. “There were people coming to the booth asking to see The Wizard” said Elaut USA’s Drew Maniscalco who continued that “The game has a nice buzz already and we actually wrote orders for the game”  The six player game will be available in the US in January and is being built to order.

8 Years in, ‘Wicked’ Breaks Its Box-Office Record The musical took in a record $2.2 million during its eight performances last week, the third time in six weeks the show has grossed more than $2 million over eight shows.

Author Finds New Meaning on the Yellow Brick Road as Andrew Lloyd Weber Brings Play to Stage Drawing upon the storyline and characters from this charming American fairytale, author John Tamiazzo takes the reader on a magical and transformative journey down the Yellow Brick Road in his new book, Returning to the Land of Oz. If you loved the film, were enchanted by the book, and adored the play, you will be inspired by Dr. Tamiazzo’s new book, which book reviewers have consistently described as, “A must read!”

Nona Hendryx & Nicholas Leichter Dance with Monstah Black: THE WHIZ: Over the Rainbow Featuring choreography by Nicholas Leichter, and an adapted score by Monstah Black with added selections, The Whiz is a fierce, full-spectrum original show of song, dance, and theatrical extravaganza. Ease on down the road to recession, and back from the brink of fantasy, in this remix of The Wizard of Oz for the Obama generation.


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