Oz in the News 1.2.11

Ruby slipper reward hits $250,000 A museum benefactor offered the $50,000 on Christmas Eve, said John Kelsch, the museum’s executive director. It brings the total reward for recovery of the missing slippers to a quarter of a million dollars, and Kelsch said the additional incentive could make a difference.  “You have to figure that more than one person knows what happened,” Kelsch said. “And one of them, I think, eventually will spill the beans.”

The Wizard of Oz ‘has already sold £8.5m in London theatre tickets’Some £8.5 million worth of London theatre tickets have already been sold for the grand opening of The Wizard of Oz next year, Andrew Lloyd Webber has revealed.  Lord Lloyd Webber explained that the tornado scene will involve part of the set collapsing, something that has never really been successfully translated on stage before.

On stage opposites Wicked to the core Chat to the two women at the heart of the major theatre production Wicked and you see that the polarity continues off stage. Lucy Durack, who plays Glinda, has followed a long-term plan  while Jemma Rix, who plays Elphaba, has taken an unconventional route.


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