Oz in the News 12.21.10

THE WIZ Blu-ray Review The Wiz doesn’t really knock it out of the park as a musical.  But as a movie?  As– more specifically– an oddity?  Man, does it work.  You’re watching Michael Jackson– back when he was actually black– prancing around as the Scarecrow.   Richard-effing-Pryor is The Wizard who is first represented on-screen as a giant, fire-spewing metal face?  The friggin’ thing was written by Joel Schumacher (and, come to think of it, I think I see a little of The Wiz in Batman and Robin, at least in terms of obnoxious costuming on extras), for Chrissakes.  The Flying Monkeys of the original are now a motorcycle gang.  It’s just bizarre, and on that basis I would wholeheartedly recommend it.

Young performer wins role in The Wizard of Oz A young performer is celebrating after winning a role in the West End musical The Wizard of Oz.  Ava Merson-O’Brien, nine, impressed a panel of judges including Arlene Phillips during the audition process and sailed through to get the part of a Munchkin, the Burnley Citizen reports.


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