Oz in the News 12.12.10

Book Signing Event with Burbank Author Julienne La Fleur Author of Lessons from Oz Independent Publisher Award winner 2009 and Burbank author Julienne La Fleur will be signing Lessons from Oz, a book that captures the magic of the classic film The Wizard of Oz.  Lessons from Oz transforms the film into whimsical and serious life lessons that as grown-ups we tend to forget, guaranteeing to make the reader want to go skipping down the yellow brick road.

Over the Rainbow singer, Judy Collins will visit Vero Beach Book Center “The song is a great song,” said Collins, before launching into reminiscences of the song’s author, Yip Harburg. “He was hired by the producer (of ‘The Wizard of Oz’) to not just write the lyrics, but offer ideas about the script. He had this idea to make Dorothy breaking down the walls of the greedy capitalists. Because you know, it was the Great Depression.  “It’s so appropriate for today,” Collins added, “because we’re in the same boat.”

Feds dismiss need to recall lead drinking glasses “A premature statement was made regarding two sets of glasses identified in (AP’s) story that has now been determined to be inaccurate,” said agency spokesman Scott Wolfson. It was Wolfson who said the day after the AP published its investigation Nov. 21 that the two sets of four glasses each — one featuring characters including Superman and Wonder Woman, the other Dorothy and other characters from the classic Oz movie — were children’s products and that the agency would investigate them.


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