Oz in the News 12.3.10

Summertime Entertainment Reinvigorates The ‘Oz’ Franchise With ‘Adventure In Oz’ Virtual World In an effort to bring the beloved “Wonderful Wizard of Oz” Franchise to the new, younger, generation, Summertime Entertainment proudly announces their plans to launch a fully immersive, interactive virtual world called “Adventure In Oz.” The multi-level world will guide children of all ages through whimsical and typically “Ozian” adventures, including the exploration of new, yet unseen lands of Oz based on the popular book spin-off series by Roger Stanton Baum – great grandson to L. Frank Baum.  “Adventure in Oz” has an anticipated release date of January 2011 and can be viewed at http://www.adventureinoz.com.

Profiles in History Hollywood Auction Dec. 17-18 – “The scope of this sale is unprecedented. We literally have something for everyone. Be it The Wizard of Oz, Universal horror, Star Wars, The Terminator or Tim Burton. This is the finest offering of Hollywood memorabilia we’ve ever assembled for collectors…and just in time for the holidays!”  Auction highlights include:
· The Wizard of Oz vintage clothbound book signed to Jack Haley’s son by virtually the entire cast and crew, including Judy Garland and Toto! ($40,000-$60,000)  · Original iconic matte painting from the opening scene in The Wizard of Oz ($80,000-$120,000)

The Movies: ‘Oz’ at the State, wicked cool – You can see ‘The Wizard of Oz’ on the big screen at the State Theatre’s 1930s Night Joining the band onstage will be puppeteers Lindsay McCaw and Adam Cooke along with their oversized puppets, which will help illustrate the songs.  “The one I’m most excited about is a medley of songs from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ performed by two manualists in the band,” Findlen said. (A form of music created by the hands, manualism is “sometimes known as hand farting,” according to Findlen.)

Dorothy goes back over rainbow in “Ozma of Oz” “It’s based on the Oz books, but it’s completely different from the film,” said Joe Crnich, DaVinci Academy drama teacher. “There’s no Tin Man or Lion. It’s more about generational differences.”

Fanciful decorations spruce up Hower House In the North Bedroom, L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz comes to life, largely through items from the collection of one of the display’s creators, Gerri Machnicki. Dorothy’s blue gingham dress is spread on the bed next to a basket containing a stuffed Toto; the remains of the melted witch rest next to a bucket of excelsior ”water;” and the Cowardly Lion’s tail pokes out from under a closet door, betraying his hiding place.


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