Oz in the News 11.28.10

Storytellers know that there’s no place like Oz in our conscious “Scarecrow,” directed by Peter Rothstein, is a radio-style telling with music and voice providing the landscape and characters. There is one fascinating element, though, that would be lost on radio. During interludes by the St. Paul bluegrass band House of Mercy, scenes from silent-era Oz films are projected on the Fitzgerald’s back wall. Immaterial to Kling’s particular story, these clips — mostly from the 1925 “Wizard of Oz” — nonetheless fill our heads with even more irresistible imagery — wholly different looks for the Scarecrow, Lion and Tin Man; a flapper bob for Dorothy, and fields of goddesses. Weird? Yes, in a fascinating, good way. Again, it’s all about Oz.


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