Oz in the News 11.24.10

Scarecrow on Fire: The Lost Notebooks of Oz Why did Kling decide to tell it from the Scarecrow’s point of view? In part to look at Kansas from an Oz perspective and also because he thought the Scarecrow would make a fine guide.  “You’ve got curiosity on your side, that’s his winning feature,” Kling says about the Scarecrow. “He soaks things up and everything is amazing to him. He’s the perfect storyteller.”  Of course, any show with an Oz theme wouldn’t be complete without tunes, and “Scarecrow on Fire” has music director Dan Chouinard at the helm, along with cellist Michelle Kenny and the House of Mercy Band, to provide an eclectic soundtrack with a “twist of Oz nostalgia.”

Walt Disney’s Journey to Oz “The indefatigable Walt Disney, who will be represented on the Music Hall’s screen on December 14 with Babes in Toyland is in association with his studio staff, working on a feature film that he does not expect to release before 1963. This is The Rainbow Road to Oz and it will involve not only ‘a multimillion dollar budget’, a spokesman for the for the producer said ‘but also months of writing, technical preparation and casting’. ‘The Rainbow Road to Oz,‘ our informant added in explanation ‘will be a live-action feature which takes up where The Wizard of Oz left off. Dorothy will return to the land of Oz and she’ll be involved with a variety of characters, such as the nephew of the Wicked Witch. No casting as yet. In the meantime, Disney is also in the midst of filming The Sword in the Stone. This too, is due in 1963.'”


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