Oz in the News 11.22.10

Unique recordings send West Covina woman over the rainbow As Judy Garland shrines go, Cynthia Meader’s is rather understated: a “Wizard of Oz” clock, some wallpaper trim bearing the words “there’s no place like home,” and a Judy Garland star painted on the floor.  But Meader, 56, keeps the centerpiece of her Garland collection at a secure site. She owns two Decca Records demos of Garland’s earliest studio tests, when the young star was merely 12 years old.

Book Signing Event with Jerry Maren The most famous little person alive, Jerry Maren, will be signing his book Short and Sweet: The Life and Times of the Lollipop Munchkin at Alexa’s It’s New to You!, a Magnolia Park boutique located at 3416 W Magnolia in Burbank on Friday, November 26 from 6:00 to 9:00 P.M.

Cadmium, lead found in Oz drinking glasses AP’s testing, conducted by ToyTestingLab of Rhode Island, found that the enamel used to color the Tin Man had the highest lead levels, at 1,006 times the federal limit for children’s products. Every Oz and superhero glass tested exceeded the government limit: The Lion by 827 times and Dorothy by 770 times; Wonder Woman by 533 times, Superman by 617 times, Batman by 750 times and the Green Lantern by 677 times.

Boardwalk Empire “The Emerald City” L. Frank Baum’s “Oz” books have been picked over by critics and historians for their possible satirical implications, and though there’s no clear agreement on whether Baum was parodying progressivism, socialism, the gold standard, the gilded age, or nothing at all, it is true that Baum’s stories are frequently filled with false promises and men “behind the curtain.” When Nucky tells Margaret that he lives and works in someplace real, “not a fantasy world like Oz,” he’s right, of course. But he’s also, to some extent, fooling himself.


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