Oz in the News 11.18.10

Contrary to reports, Robert Zemeckis is NOT directing a ‘Wizard of Oz’ remake While a source at the studio confirms to EW that Zemeckis did indeed take a meeting to bat around the idea of an Oz remake, Zemeckis’ rep tells EW that the filmmaker is definitely not going to pursue the project, saying, “The reports that Robert Zemeckis is doing The Wizard of Oz are absolutely false.” Discussions about the remake were still very preliminary and nebulous — and Zemeckis (who is currently working on a 3D remake of The Yellow Submarine) was the studio’s first choice if it was going to proceed — so odds are the idea will be shifted to the back burner for now.

Mount Pony to feature “Wonderful Wizard of Oz”, other century films tonight The movie screen at the Library of Congress Packard Campus Theater will glow tonight with a series of short, one-reel, 100-year-old films.  “A Century Ago: The Films of 1910” will include “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” “The House With Closed Shutters” (an early D.W. Griffith film), “The Actor’s Children” (the first film of the New Rochelle-based Thanhouser Company) and other short silent films from the era.  Paxson said Haberkamp will introduce and present several one-reel films from 1910 and discuss the studios, the filmmakers and how the art of filmmaking evolved over the year.


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