Oz in the News 11.16.10

Oz With Orchestra” as spectacular as ruby red slippers “Oz with Orchestra” is the traveling creation of John Goberman, the Emmy Award-winning producer of PBS’s “Live from Lincoln Center,” with the Lincoln Center the home of the New York Philharmonic and Metropolitan Opera House. He’s also the creator of more orchestra/film collaborations, including “Symphonic Night at the Movies” and “Psycho with Orchestra,” but “The Wizard of Oz” appeals to children (as opposed to “Psycho”), and many families were in attendance at Abravanel Hall.

Over the Rainbow at Hollywood Palms Theater, Dreams do Come True for Oz Fans and Three Appreciative Munchkins Margaret Pellegrini, 88 (the flower-pot girl), Jerry Maren, 90 (the green-shirted lollipop kid), and Karl Slover 92, (the first trumpeter) are no stranger to Hollywood Palm’s owner Ted Bulthaup, in fact − they can’t thank him enough.  “He’s the one responsible for getting us our star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame,” said Pellegrini. “Without him, we may have never gotten it.”  A true fact indeed, as Bulthaup became somewhat of a wizard himself in making their dreams come true in 2007.

Hollywood on the Thames While cleaving to the spirit of the movie, Sams will use the entire Arlen/Harburg score and reconceive the piece as a theatrically satisfying two-act stage tuner with additional songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice.  “Musicals usually have an opening number in which people sing and set the tone followed by an ‘I want’ song,” the helmer explains. “With ‘Over the Rainbow,’ we have the best ‘I want’ song of all time, but it seems wrong to me to start with that. So now we have an opening number.”  Sams has also created the structure for an old-fashioned 11 o’clock number for Glinda and a major second-act opener for the Wicked Witch and her Winkies.

Voix De Ville Follies tribute to The Wizard of Oz There’s no place like Virginia this November as the cast of Voix De Ville Follies takes you on a magical journey down the yellow brick road. Join us on an adventure to the Emerald City where we will pay tribute to all things Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  Starring none other than the adorable Azalea Faye our Burlesque Beauty of the evening who’s talent sparkles like the Emerald City. Featuring Richmond’s own crowned Drag Queen of Burlesque Magnolia Jackson Pickett Burnside with her heart of gold! And fresh from The Trailer Court of Babes the one and only Candy Pantzzz, who is truly a horse of a different color! And no Voix De Ville Follies show is complete without the delectable Dainty Dolls, the “Kooky Chameleon” Miss Kiki Von Kitsch, and “One Good Bad Girl” Miss Cherrie Canary.


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