Oz in the News 11.5.10

Karl Slover was one of 124 actors who portrayed Munchkins in the   1939 movie classic The Wizard of Oz, and even helped guide July   Garland's character, Dorothy, down the Yellow Brick Road.  MICHAEL   HOLAHAN/staffSerenade by Munchkin is rare, memorable occasion There are certain things you never expect to hear in your lifetime, and one for me last week was, “Let’s go downstairs and hear the Munchkin sing.”  Even weirder, it was said upstairs in North Augusta’s Rosemary Hall and Inn by local interior designer Laurie McRae in a room full of clothes once worn by The Wizard of Oz star Judy Garland.

Arthur Yorinks and Mark Stanley’s Wizard of Oz Adaptation to Debut at “There’s No Place Like Home” Festival Among the special guests featured in the festival is Jane Lahr, daughter of Burt Lahr, who played Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz film. Additional events will include a Toto Look-A-Like contest, a giant Emerald City pop-up spread, and a community read of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in NYC public schools and libraries.

Go ‘Over the Rainbow’ with a different Judy “I got a call from my old friend of 50 years now, and he said he wanted me to do a children’s book for his imprint,” Collins said recently. “He sold a million copies of ‘Puff the Magic Dragon.’ He wanted me to do a book based on ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow.’ And he had no way of knowing I was named for Judy Garland.”

If He Only Had a Grave: An Effort to Honor Toto “Originally, Toto was buried behind Carl Spitz’s house in Studio City,” Goldstein told AOL News. “Spitz was the famed Hollywood animal trainer, and once the home was razed, it was believed Toto’s grave was lost forever.  We have some info that Spitz may have actually transported Toto’s remains to the North Hollywood home he moved to later. Regardless though, J.P. contacted me with his idea and we both feel it would be a good project to try and create a lasting memorial for Toto.”

ArtWorks! benefit plays off Oz theme “There’s No Place Like ArtWorks!” is the theme of Saturday’s eighth annual holiday preview exhibition and benefit, “Off the Wall,” at ArtWorks! Partners for the Arts and Community in New Bedford.  It promises to be a magical “Wizard of Oz” evening of heart, soul and creative spirit.

Experience The Wizard of Oz – Only On The Marvel Comics App! Hey there True Believers, Marvel is pleased to announce that two of our most critically acclaimed series — THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ and MARVEL 1602 — will both make their digital debuts today on the Marvel Comics app.

Follow Yellow Brick Road to Abravanel Associate conductor David Cho will lead the Utah Symphony, in a concert featuring some of the greatest film music ever written, from — what else? “The Wizard of Oz.”


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