Oz in the News 10.18.10

Wiyos, oh wiyos, can’t I? Weber explained that in 2009 the group performed in Kansas with a dance troupe that had adapted material from the band’s last album, “Broken Land Bell,” to a piece loosely based on “The Wizard of Oz.” In response, the group has decided to create their own new song cycle, dubbed “The Wiyos of Oz.”  Many of the pieces — including “Mary” and “Mama Had a Baby and Its Head Popped Off” — directly quote parts of the classic Harold Arlen/Yip Harburg score, while upending them at the same time.

Comic book convention hits Minn. While Ethan Tarshish was telling a group of six about his comic book, a man dressed as Iron Man walked by and the group’s attention immediately wandered from what Tarshish had to say. “It happens,” Tarshish said while shrugging his shoulders.  Tarshish and co-creator Kelly Brown were there to promote their series “Woe is Oz,” a re-telling of L. Frank Baum’s the Wizard of Oz.

Warner Bros. Consumer Products Announces Launch of Wizard of Oz Kids and Online Destination To kick off the The Wizard of Oz Kids efforts, WBCP, in association with KidsWB.com, will introduce wizardofozkids.com, a brand new interactive site for kids 2-11, featuring games, activities, downloadables and more. The site will continue to roll out fresh, innovative content for kids over the next year to fully bring the world of Oz to fans everywhere. Fans can also visit WBshop.com to discover and own an array of The Wizard of Oz products and merchandise.

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